The RTD Blue Bus has made minor modifications to 12 routes to meet the needs of our riders.

The modifications will begin on Saturday, October 15 with the 305 Taos Express. The remainder will occur on Monday, October 17 with the 255 Mountain Trail beginning with the start of the Winter Season schedule. However, the 255 Mountain Trail Route will be implemented later in the season. Please check routes for specific implementation dates.

Please review all routes below to learn more about the changes taking place. For further information, call 1-866-206-0754 ext. 2.

Thank you for your continued ridership.

100 Riverside

  • Evening schedule is reduced. Service will end at 6:10pm at Dreamcatcher Theater.

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110 Westside/Crosstown

  • Morning and evening service is reduced. Service will begin at 7:45 am at Espanola Valley High School and end at 5:15 pm at Santa Clara Peak Rd. & Calle de la Merced

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160 Santa Clara

  • Commuter service resumes. The route will operate one morning round trip and one evening round trip. The bus will depart from Road Runner Rd. & Dusty Plaza Rd. at 6:50 am and 4:20 pm, arriving at Santa Fe Indian Hospital at 7:40 am and 5:10 pm.

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170 Jicarilla

  • Monday-Friday service resumes.
  • Service between Chama and Dulce will operate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • 3W departs Chama 20 minutes later at 1:05 pm
    • 4W departs Chama 15 minutes later at 3:15 pm
    • 3E departs Dulce 20 minutes later at 2:10 pm
    • 4E departs Dulce 15 minutes later at 4:20 pm
  • Service between Chama, Dulce, and Farmington will operate Tuesday and Thursday
    • 1W departs from Chama 10 minutes earlier at 6:00 am
    • 2W departs from Dulce 5 minute later at 11:05 am
    • 1E departs Farmington 5 minutes earlier at 8:50 am
    • 2E departs Farmington 5 minutes later at 1:10 pm

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190 Chama

  • Midday service will begin in Chama.
  • The midday trip from Chama will depart at 10:35 am, arriving at the Espanola Transit Center at 12:30.
  • The return trip to Chama will depart the Espanola Transit Center at 1:07 pm

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255 Mountain Trail

  • Winter service will resume on Saturday, November 26
  • The Saturday and Sunday 12:55 pm trip from South Capitol Station and 2:00 pm return trip from Ski Santa Fe have been eliminated

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300 Taos

  • The Velarde Fire Station Stop is reintroduced for the morning and evening express trips

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305 Taos Express

  • Pilar will now be served on the northbound and southbound trips at NM-68 &NM-570

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320 Questa

  • The bus will now depart five minutes earlier from the KTAOS Park and Ride stop on both the Northbound and Southbound trips
  • The bus will now stop at Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Mabel Dodge on the northbound service to Questa
  • 1S will depart Costilla 15 minutes earlier at 9:05 am
  • 3S will depart Costilla 10 minutes earlier at 3:20 pm

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330 Peñasco

  • The route will continue to operate unchanged. An earlier planned trip to Sipapu has been suspended.


340 Chile Line

  • Service to Taos Pueblo is resumed
    • Timepoints adjusted to account for additional route mileage
  • Northbound trips will no longer serve the Taos Plaza stops. The nearest stop is located at Kit Carson Park.
  • The Visitor Center Stop will relocate from the parking lot to east of the intersection of Paseo del Cañon and Paseo del Pueblo Sur on Paseo del Cañon

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500 Tribal Route

  • The first trip from the Espanola Transit Center will depart at 6:30 am; the third at 12:30 pm, and the fourth at 3:30 pm
  • Service to the Tesuque Pueblo Entrance and Intergenerational Center will resume on the northbound and southbound trips
  • Service to stops in Santa Clara Pueblo will be suspended for the first southbound trip and last northbound trip

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